Common reinforcement method for building structure

A lot of methods of building structure reinforcement, including improving bearing capacity, increase the stiffness method and crack control method, comparative analysis, design personnel should applicability according to the structural characteristics and strengthening methods of multi program, select the optimal method to achieve reliable technology, reasonable economy, convenient construction.

2018-02-14 10:38:11

Which structure can't be removed in house retrofitting?

The housing structure needs to ensure its overall safety and can not be arbitrarily dismantled and altered. It must undergo strict inspection and appraisal, give detailed consideration to the housing structure, and the final transformation should be carried out under the condition of safety.

2018-02-13 12:05:16

Working process of structural strengthening

The main process of structural strengthening is detection and identification - identification results - reinforcement and retrofitting design - reinforcement and retrofitting construction - engineering acceptance

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Externally bonded CFRP sheet on concrete and masonry structure

The difference between the masonry structure and the concrete structure of externally bonding carbon fiber reinfroced polymer(CFRP) sheet:Substrate difference,Material surface difference,Construction methods difference

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How to deal with the different interfaces for reinforcement?

In the reinforcement project, the concrete interface treatment is very important, which is related to the final reinforcement effect. Aiming at the different interface between new and old concrete, new concrete and old brick wall, a series of interface treatment technologies are adopted to consolidate the reinforcement surface and achieve good results.

2018-02-12 11:04:27

Strengthening methods of weak and easy to reverse parts

2) wall seismic capacity of the braced girder can not meet the requirements, can be added for masonry columns, column, reinforced concrete column or the mortar layer, method of reinforcing steel net wall.

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Reinforcement methods should be adopted when the integrity is no

Reinforcement methods should be adopted when the integrity is not satisfied

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Design principles for seismic reinforcement of existing building

The strength grade of the material used for reinforcement should not be lower than the actual strength grade of the original material.There should be a reliable connection between the new components and the original components, and the new aseismic walls and columns should have a reliable foundation.

2018-02-12 10:25:14

Reinforcement method should be adopted when the seismic bearing

System reinforcement is aimed at the overall seismic performance of the building structure which is less than the current seismic appraisal standard, and the reinforcement is reinforced by local members for the lack of bearing capacity of the local members.

2018-02-12 10:48:10

The method of reinforcement of RC structure

The following reinforcement methods should be adopted when the structural system and the seismic bearing capacity of reinforced concrete buildings are not satisfied

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Why does structural reinforcement need to removed the load?

if the load is removed before the reinforcement of carbon fiber cloth, the situation is completely different. Due to reducing the influence of two times of load and decreasing the lag strain of CFRP, the old and new two parts can enter their respective limit state at the same time, and the overall bearing capacity of the structure can be significantly improved.

2018-02-11 14:33:53

The main reasons for structural strengthening

The main reasons for structural strengthening:materials reson(unqualified cement quality),design reason(lack of security design),change usage(seismic reinforcement of existing buildings),construction reason(construction method is wrong),environment reason(concrete corrosion,corrosion of steel bar)

2018-02-11 14:34:22

Which buildings need seismic strengthening?

In order to protect the life and property, the building have to do seismic strengthening. However, some buildings have not been aseismatic in the design and construction, which requires the seismic identification and reinforcemen . In particular, the old buildings, such as the general hotel, need to be identified as a whole in the new era and to be reinforced in accordance with the design.

2018-02-11 14:34:35

What is the principle of CFRP composite strengthening?

the use of the carbon fiber adhesive, can work well, greatly improving the tensile strength of carbon fiber, the carbon fiber reinforcement must first make carbon fiber work together, so the adhesive on CFRP plays a key role, it is necessary to ensure the carbon filaments work together and work together to ensure that the carbon fiber cloth and structure, so as to achieve the objective of strengthening.

2018-02-09 19:07:17

Increase the section reinforcement construction program

Increasing the cross-section reinforcement method for the traditional reinforcement construction method, the main method is applied to the beam stiffness, bending or shear capacity and the difference between the larger enough difference or the original column strength or stiffness of the reinforcement.

2018-02-03 13:33:44

What should be paid attention to bonding CFRP fabric

Carbon fiber reinfroced polymer(CFRP) fabric is one of the commonly materials used in concrete reinforcement, and externally bonded carbon fiber reinfroced polymer(CFRP) is a new advanced mehod of concrete strengthening. The reinforcement of carbon fiber cloth can repair the structural cracks and improve the bearing capacity of the structure

2018-02-01 17:37:37

The method of slab strengthening

Under the three circumstances, it is necessary to reinforce the slab: the bearing capacity of the slab is insufficient; the strength of the floor slab is unqualified; the slab is opening.

2018-01-30 11:20:51

The basic principle of bridge reinforcement

Because of structural failure or damage, when it can not meet the requirements of structural safety or normal use, the bridge structure must be strengthened.6) The reinforcement design should be closely combined with the construction method, and take effective measures to ensure that the new and old structures are connected reliably and can work together.

2018-01-23 16:19:31

The reasons for structural strengthening

With the development of construction industry, many buildings come into repair and strengthening period due to various diseases. What are the reasons for building reinforcement?

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FRP strengthening or steel plate reinforcement

there are two advanced structural strengthening methods widely used, bonded steel plate reinforcement and FRP composite strengthening. The reinforcing principles of the two are similar: the structural glue is used to as a reinforcing material, externally bonded on the structure to form an integral structure, and work together

2018-01-18 14:39:37