Reinforcement of bridge with epoxy bonded steel plate

The bonding steel plate reinforcement method is to apply epoxy resin series adhesive on the steel plate, and then paste it into the weak part of the reinforced concrete structure's tensile area, the steel plate and the structure form the whole, and the additional reinforcing bar is added.

2018-02-11 11:18:57

Poor bond between CFRP and concrete,why?

Externally bonded carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP),it is a new advanced technical method for structural strengthening.But your CFRP can't bond with concrete,why? You can see the article, you can solve your problem。

2018-01-31 18:04:15

Prestressed CFRP Laminate Strengthening

The prestressed CFRP laminate has been widely used in the structural strengthening in recent years with its unique advantages. Take full advantage of high strength of carbon fiber; make new structures and old ones work together, change the passive reinforcement to active reinforcement

2018-01-17 11:11:27

Why can't choose basalt fiber for structural strengthening?

Most structure is reinforced with carbon fiber reinfroced polymer fabric(high strength ,high modulus). Why don't we choose basalt fiber for structural strengthening?

2018-01-12 23:01:18

Advantage of carbon fiber reinforced polymer for strengthening

reinforcement using carbon fiber reinforced polymer cfrp In concrete reinforcement engineering, carbon fiber reinforcement technology has good technical and economic benefits, social and environmental benefits, and it can effectively improve the bearing c

2018-01-12 23:00:54

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer reduce loss caused by earthquake

CFRP for seismic reinforcement is much less expensive than traditional upgrades that include heavy dismantling and reconstruction, knowing that the inconvenience of these traditional methods prevents owners from aseismic reinforcement of buildings.

2018-01-12 23:00:50

What is Bonded Steel Plate Reinforcement

Bonded steel plate reinforcement is use high-performance epoxy adhesive bonded to the surface of concrete components, steel and concrete to form a unified whole, to achieve good tensile strength to enhance the bearing capacity and rigidity.

2018-01-12 23:00:38

Why milky white carbon fiber glue is better?

There are two kinds of carbon fiber glue in market, one is white, one is colorless and transparent. what differences are there? the glue need to be modified in order to meet the structural adhesive in the use of structural reinforcement security.

2018-01-12 23:00:35

Attention of HM-500 injectable anchoring adhesive

Attention of HM-500 injectable anchoring adhesive

2018-01-12 23:00:15

Carbon Fiber,A New Advance Materials In Building Engineering

Carbon fiber is called the king of new advanced materials in building engineering

2018-01-12 23:00:06

A New Advanced Materials---Carbon Fiber Wrap

Carbon fiber used in all fields years ago, but there are many more advantages that have not been tapped,also are knowned as a new advanced materials

2018-01-12 22:59:45

HM-30 carbon fiber fabric TDS

unidirectional carbon fiber fabric ,high strength,high modulus,form a carbon fiber reinforced polymer lamination(CFRP sheet) to strengthen,rehabitation and repair concrete structures.

2018-01-12 22:59:37

The adhesive for applying carbon fiber

Why do everyone choose Horse Construction's carbon fiber adhesive?

2018-01-12 22:59:34

The advantage of Pre-stressed FRP System

Prestress carbon fiber reinforced plymer(CFRP) laminate strengthening

2018-01-12 22:59:32

Do you know weight of carbon fiber cloth?

Carbon fiber cloth is a reinforcing material used in building reinforcement. When we buy carbon fiber cloth, many people have noticed the weight of carbon fiber cloth. How itcalculated?

2018-01-12 22:59:29

What are the requirements When bonded steel plate for strengthen

Bonded steel plate reinforcement reauire concrete strength,the epoxy strength,and consederation of long term use.

2018-01-12 22:59:21

Prestressed FRP System,It could be so simple

Prestress FRP System is refers to the pre-imposed stress on the structure before the component has been applied

2018-01-12 22:59:18

Three kinds of concrete crack repair method

repair concrete crack

2018-01-12 22:59:15

The operation process of prestressed cfrp laminate

strengthening with prestressed FRP system

2018-01-12 22:59:12

Prestressed carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) plate for brid

Prestressed carbon fiber reinforced polymer(CFRP) plate improve the bearing capacity of bridge structure

2018-01-12 22:59:09